024 Finding your Voice – “It came natural to me.”

She came to the realization that earning a living in the healthcare industry didn't quite measure up to the kind of life she desired.

While her job as a nurse came with a standard, predictable paycheck, which put food on the table and supported her and her young son, but by her own words, she had “had enough” and was determined to do two things:

  1. find out what she was created to do and
  2. increase her income.

She also had the idea that one might very well lead to the other.

Sheila, from Seattle, joins us back on the show and shares a revelation that is bringing with it a new level of career exploration and mobilization.

Little did she know, she had been doing her life's work all along.

Sheila also shares:

  • The importance of being intentional in the planning process;
  • How one area of life is woven together with the others;
  • The tipping point – When the process became “real” for her.

Today's reflection: Have you found your life's work? Is it possible that it's hiding in what you already enjoy doing?


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  • Cindy Hirch says:

    I remember the first interview Sheila did on your show. There is such a change from then to now.  The changes that have occurred from the inside out are exciting and awesome; she is now speaking boldly and proclaiming what will be. I could hear and feel her excitement. She is exploding with the realization that she truly has something to offer someone just by being herself. The discovery of who she is, and what she wants to be doing opens new doors of opportunity for her. To realize she has been doing it all along is life changing and is now bringing her to a new level of awareness. Her statement of “I’ve been coaching all my life, and I see what they can become” brings such clarity to the picture. I’m cheering for her from the stands!  Way to go Sheila!

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