7 Day Stamina Challenge – Day 1

A powerful book, taken in at just the right time, can provide the necessary voltage for transformation.

“Stop Saying you Fine” by my new friend Mel Robbins, (I just finished it for the second time) is one of those books.

It's an action-packed book that is written and designed to inspire you to begin the journey toward a more powerful version of you. I need that.

A book on ACTION, would not be complete without an action-plan of its own, woven in very nicely between its covers.

Mel's promise to the reader: Follow these simple steps, and in six month's time, your life will be unrecognizable.

I hope you not only join us on this journey, but also share your thoughts, ideas, and breakthroughs during the process. Your comments are welcome and encouraged on this blog. Let us know if you are on-board. You can remain anonymous if you'd like.

Here's how we'll do it: If I were to share the activities we will include over the next seven days, there's a chance, after reviewing the info, your mind and feelings could begin to retreat and seek to keep you on more familiar ground. (By the way, that's how most people's minds work. It does everything in its power to keep you in the same, safe, comfortable routine.)

First and foremost, your commitment is key. Let's either commit to doing this, or not. Either way, it is completely up to you.  Draw a line in the sand and decide now, on which side you will stand.

Day one: Face the day.

Set your alarm clock for thirty minutes earlier than normal. The next morning, as soon as the alarm sounds, open your eyes, throw off the covers, sit up and put your feet on the floor and stand up.

Your day starts now.

No delay. No pillow over the head. No snooze.

If you lay in bed more than 10 seconds before standing up, you fail the test. If you don't pass it this time, start over again tomorrow.

Do not move to day two until you have passed day one.

Get Mel's book – Stop Saying you're Fine

Move on to Day 2, (honor system please).

Download a FREE copy of the SUCCESS Summary of "Finding Your Voice" book

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  • Colleen says:

    Passed Day 1 Challenge…Getting up when the alarm goes off is something I like do because it sets the tone for my whole day.  It’s my most favorite quiet time of the day with the Lord because everyone else is still sleeping.
    For me, going back to bed after the alarm goes off significantly decreases my productivity in the a.m., which is my most productive time of the day. Actually, I find myself dragging through the whole day & feeling behind in what I had planned to accomplish when I fail to get my feet on the floor when the alarm goes off.  🙂

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Colleen, 

      Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience. 

      One of the first steps to getting somewhere better in life is to break your routine. It’s a simple concept, however, some people cling to worn-out routines like a dusty old life preserver. 

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  • […] Get started on the 7 Day Stamina Challenge. […]

  • […] Get started on the 7 Day Stamina Challenge. […]

  • Mcqueen_lashonda says:

    I ‘m starting  from day one again tomorrow

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Good morning Lashonda,

      I’ve always been impressed with your strength and conviction. You’re a strong woman and I know you will see this through.

      Look forward to our next call.

  • Joel Boggess says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for participating. What style have you used before in your journal writing that worked out good for you?

    • Mkadlec says:

      Hi Joel,

      I guess I have always been disorganized with it. I really have never, well besides 2nd grade (back when I had imagination and creativity) known what to write.

      I always take notes from books I read in my journals but, I want to apply it somehow.

      Do you journal write? How do you do it?

      • Joel Boggess says:

        Good morning,

        I do journal. It’s a great way to get in touch with your ideas and thoughts.

        People relate to time, tasks, and schedules differently. An idea for you is to first, get clarity on your style, and then, go from there.

        Would you say you know yourself pretty well, or do you sometimes feel like a stranger in your own life?

        • Mkadlecpro says:


          I do feel like I know myself pretty well but, the problem with me is that I have idea overload…I critique my own ideas and simply say that’s silly, I shouldn’t invest my time into this.

          I use to be such a good writer and perhaps I still do that on my blog, http://www.mattkadlec.wordpress.com but, on same days I just have so many ideas I don’t know what to write let alone make sense of it all.

  • Joel Boggess says:

    Good for you Pam and thank you for sharing.

    Little steps will take you a long way.

    Other steps I recommend is to become involved in the www48days.net
    community, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ so you can stay up to date with what’s going on. While these might be steps that you are not familiar with, they are the ones that will lead you toward a better place.

  • PaMela says:

    Hello Joel, 
    I completed the Day One Challenge.  I got up at 5:30am about 1 hour earlier than normal.  I did get out of bed and stay out of bed within the 10 secs I counted in my head.  I went got up to exercise inside then went outside as well.  I kind  of over did it and was running a bit late to get ready for my work day and drop off.  However, I did it!  On to Day 2.

  • Betty says:

    Starting tomorrow…

  • Anonymous says:

    Today was Day One for me. It was a little difficult to decide exactly when to set the alarm for (the nature of Sundays), but usually on Sundays when the alarm goes off I switch it to radio and then lay back down for 30-45 minutes. So, in the spirit of the Challenge (I think), I set the alarm for the usual time, but got right up and stayed up when it went off.

    I hadn’t slept all that well the night before, but I did it. Doing the same thing for Day 2 may be more of a challenge, but I’m going to bed in a few minutes and I hope that will help.

  • Rochelle says:

    Today was day one again.  Not only did I get up when the alarm went off at 6:00 but I had a very productive morning.  Did my daily Bible reading first.  Then worked through the first chapter of 48 Days to the Work you Love and wrote in my journal.  Was surprised at how much emotion I had stuffed inside that needed to be expressed in writing.  I sent off one resume, and then I did one of the most radical things I had ever done lately.  I worked on my very first post in a new blog I have started.  I have always loved to write but have never ever done a blog before.  I have so many thoughts and ideas to write about and I am feeling excited again.   By then it was 8:00 and Isaiah was awake so I had to quit but I have gotten most of the first post done.  Just have to finish my blogspot profile, add some pics, proofread it, send out invitations, and publish.  It was really fun.  I am getting excited about life again.

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Dr. Delain,

      Thank you so sticking with the challenge and sharing your experiences. I hope you also post some of your blog here in the challenge website, and also in my group on 48Days.net. I knows women there will be excited to hear about what you are uncovering and discovering.


    • Begintolive says:


      I am always intrigued to hear how others do their Daily Bible Reading. Do you have a plan you follow? It is such a good book I don’t know where to start half the time.

      Also how do you organize your journal writing? Do you write about what you have read? Learned? etc. That is something I want to get back into and I feel that it can help my blog flourish as well.

      Can you email your response to begintolive@hotmail:disqus.com? Or respond here?

      Thank You,


  • Rochelle says:

    Did not do so well on the first day.  Started out with good intentions and went to bed nice and early the night before just so I could get right up when the alarm went off.  Unfortunately, I let fear and self doubt over my situation get the best of me and did not sleep well at all.  Will try again tonight by meditating on scripture to sleep (as I had been doing before) and do it again tomorrow.

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Dr. Delain,

      Thank you for sharing.

      For us normal folks, when we set out to do something different, (even if it’s for our own growth and development) our body will, at first, fight us in its attempt to keep us in the familiar and predictable.

      Hold yourself accountable and make this happen.

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  • Kim Anstaett says:

    I restarted the challenge today because last week I was sidelined by something and for some reason I let it knock me off the tracks but as one of my favorite quotes says very well~

    “When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.” Corrie Ten Boom 
    So last night I set my alarm….

    it went off at 5am this morning,
    I jumped about 50 feet in the air then fell out of bed!
    My feet didn’t hit the floor but I was up and most definitely beat the 10 second mark on leaving the bed! LOL

    I spent my extra half hour making orange rolls, listening to International House of Prayer music archive and reading scripture.

    So here is my second attempt to make it through the entire week….
    then keep that momentum….
    who knows what it will be like in 6 months? : )

    Hopefully I won’t fall out of bed any more.

  • Joel Boggess says:

    We are starting week two of our 7 day challenge. In 6 months time, our lives will be unrecognizable.

    I chuckled a little when Pei said, “If we keep setting our alarm 30 minutes ahead, eventually we won’t have any time left to sleep.

    The idea behind the challenge is to bring a jolt to your routine and to give a foundation on which to build strong habits. But just in case you had the same concern that Pei did, you don’t need to continue to move the dial up on your alarm 30 minutes every week.

    This is the first official week of Pei’s challenge. Over our date weekend, she heard so many stories from me, she decided to jump in headfirst, (risky business for her considering she is a “high C”.

    As we walked and talked on our early morning expedition, (I promised her wildlife), we discussed the differences between this 7 Day Challenge and another challenge we are familiar with.

    For his Day 1 Challenge, he encourages people to begin to see their goals as “possible” and to realize they can accomplish just about anything they put their mind to.

    While I am a big believer in positive thinking and visualization, I am not convinced that his suggestion is the best way to begin. Here’s why: For some people, their “big but” gets in the way. “I’d like to do this but…” “I’d like to see myself having more, but I don’t know if it will happen.”

    Your mind’s job is to keep you safe and away from anything that might lead to a disruption in the normal. That’s the internal dialogue you hear, it’s your mind’s attempt to keep you from something that could be risky, (that’s actually a good thing in life-threatening situations).

    Nothing changes without purposeful action.

    While there is a lot of truth in the saying “your actions will always follow your beliefs,” I believe that it is also true that your actions (good or bad), influence greatly your beliefs.

    Love hear your thoughts on this.

  • Doug says:

    Okay, Day One is complete.  That is, except for a few minor details which may disqualify me.  I don’t get up at the same time every day.  Today is my “late” day, and I made everything ready (bathing, clothes clean and hanging, coffee ready to brew) the night before.  What a difference that makes for your morning!  But since it is my “late” day, I set the alarm for an hour later than my “early” day.  But unlike my usual self, I did not press the snooze button.  In fact, I didn’t even touch the alarm clock at all until I was out of bed and on my feet!  Woohooo!

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Doug,

      Welcome to the challenge. You can look at my blog for day 2. Do yourself a favor and don’t look ahead. just go one day at a time.

      I’m curious, what could you have accomplished had you set your alarm as you do on your “early” days?

      Tuesday is fine for you to come up here if that still fits your schedule.

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  • Mary says:

    ok so what is day two? 

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  • Lisa says:

    Starting on Monday too, just read the post!

  • Kim Anstaett says:

    Thank for starting this challenge Joel! Can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings! : )

  • Kim Hall says:

    After my prayer this morning I wrote a post in regards to Day 1 of the challenge.
    You can find it here: http://ow.ly/6lzn1

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Kim,

      So glad you on taking part in the challenge. if you would do me a favor, please post your note and link in the group on 48Days.net so everyone has the opportunity to read it.

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  • Cindy Hirch says:

    I’m in, but just reading it now for the first time so I’ll start tomorrow. -:)

  • Kim Hall says:

    I’m in. 
    Whew, did 4am come early!
    It was great, though. Lots of time to pray, reflect and write, to begin my day restfully in spite of the early hour.
    Thanks, Joel!

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Great job Kim.

      I am up to and you are right. Plenty of time to do what’s really important.

      Have a great holiday.

    • Kim Anstaett says:

      I hear ya Kim….LOL. : )

      My alarm went off and I am usually a 1-2 timer hit the snooze button woman!

      Today would of been my only day I was able to sleep in for weeks due to being off work
      and my kido is out of town too. I was also up late with friends cooking out
      and huddled around a Chiminea so I didn’t step into my door until 11pm
      last night.

      That alarm went off and I got up though….
      didn’t touch the snooze. Didn’t throw the covers over my head.

      I went down and made coffee, grabbed my journal, grabbed my bible, grabbed
      a granola bar then went into my son’s room to open up the shades and windows
      so I could watch the sunrise as I listened to an old sermon on a CD I have from 2004.

      It was a wonderful way to start the morning.
       and an awesome jumpstart….

      I was thinking last night …. I can always take a nap tomorrow
      since I am getting up so early but really I have more energy than I thought
      I would! Even went for a walk nice and early!

  • Frankie Allen says:

    Looking forward to the challenge.

  • AmeliabRivera says:

    I need this.

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Amelia,

      So glad you could join us. Day one is right there in the blog. You are welcome and encouraged to share your experiences as we go through the exercises for each day on the blog.

      I am curious, what did you mean exactly do saying you need this?

  • Count me in too, Joel!!

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Awesome. You no doubt saw day one on my blog. You are welcome and encouraged to share your experiences on the blog as we go through the exercises.

      Thank you for joining us.

  • Matt Wegner says:

    I’m in! This sounds like a great challenge. Looking forward to it!

  • Matt Wegner says:

    I’m in! This sounds like a great challenge. Looking forward to it!

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