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Podcasting Classes We Took and How They Helped

Podcasting Classes We Took and How They Helped

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1. Podcasting A to Z by Cliff Ravenscraft

cliff ravenscraft joel boggess podcastMeeting Cliff started our FIRST podcasting relaunch :)

In 2011, we went on a cruise organized by Dan Miller. That’s where we met Cliff, his wife and 3 kids. We were already podcasting at the time, but were releasing shows randomly, and didn’t know much about equipment, audio quality, website optimizing… Basically, we were bloggers who occasionally, published some audio content (BTW, we hid those old shows so deep and hope you don’t spend hours digging them out, just to laugh at us).… Show Transcript and More

How to Easily Create Artwork Using Canva

How to Easily Create Artwork Using Canva

By | Blogs, Podcast tips and ideas | No Comments has been highly recommended by numerous content creators and social media experts like Mari Smith (She also shared other tips on ReLaunch show). There are many reasons for this popular site:

  • No guess work – they have all the dimensions – for any social media platforms, blog post, podcast, Kindle cover…
  • Endless creative choices and backgrounds
  • You may choose to pay for certain backgrounds, but mostly you can have an artwork done for free!
Show Transcript and More
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How to Rock Your Interview – for Radio or Podcast Host

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Want to have a proven conversational strategy so your listeners enjoy a value-packed show and you get to build an awesome relationship with the guest? I’ve taken my broadcasting know-how and incorporated it into our podcast; walking away with the “Most Inspirational” and “Best Overall” podcast in 2014 in the Podcasters’ Paradise awards. Show Transcript and More


Got Nothing to Hide – Humbled by Their Vulnerability

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Joel and I had such a good time last weekend at Podcast Movement conference in Dallas. Besides learning, speaking on a panel, we got to meet so many people face to face.

It started with the keynote from Chris Brogan. As most of you know, well, let me just copy part of his bio “Chris has spoken for or consulted with the biggest brands you know, including Disney, Coke, Google, GM, Microsoft, … Humana Health, Cisco, Sony USA, and many more.Show Transcript and More

How do I get on TV… For free?

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In putting together two successful media tours – one for my first book and one for the recent #1 Amazon best seller, Finding your Voice, I built up tremendous credibility with radio and TV media exposure.

I’m not talking about paid programming, where folks buy time on local cable access channels just so they can say they “appeared” on XYZ station.… Show Transcript and More