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  • Online community (It is a private Facebook group – ladies only at this time, just click “Join group” when you there. It's a place to share and discuss experiences, challenges, self-discoveries, and aha moments during your coaching or self-guided journey. This group is exclusive for team members, current and past clients, affiliates, and as part of our book bonus feature.)
  • Vision board examples

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Finding your voice journal
(includes all the worksheets listed below)
Throughout the book!
Chapter 4, page 76
Chapter 5, pages 103-109
Chapter 6, page 113
Chapter 6, page 126
Chapter 6, page 131-134
Chapter 7, page 140-149
Chapter 8, page 153


Audio Interviews Mentioned

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in book
Chapter 3, page 64
Chapter 5, page 87
Chapter 6, page 111
Chapter 6, page 123
Chapter 6, page 128
Chapter 7, page 139