088: Never Let Go of Your Life’s Goals: with Dale Spencer

Never Let Go of Your Life’s Goals: with Dale Spencer

Taking a break from their studies, he and a few college friends were hoofing-it to a nearby party when he decided to short-cut through a wooded area. Making his way off the beaten-path, he found himself perched on-top of a towering train trestle, 40-feet above the rushing currents of the local river. The fall took from him the mobility he had in his legs and as he explains on the show, was an “unbelievable setback” that stacked-up to two months of rehabilitation. In the beginning of his very personal ReLaunch! he had to relearn many activities that were once second nature to him.

Keynote speaker and author of the upcoming book F.E.A.R. N.O.T. – Embrace Life's Journey, Dale Spencer joins us on the show to share the two main ingredients that have steeped his courage, accelerated his professional growth and helped him achieve his goals.

An empowering AHA! observation Dale shares

“I am not obsessed with the journey behind me.”

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  • Shari says:

    Having known Dale since before his injury, I can tell you he is one of the most driven and genuine human beings one can meet. His passions are many and varied, and he follows them all with a can-do and enthusiastic attitude! When he could have sat and done nothing with good reason, he chose to look fear in the face and overcome a multitude of obstacles to become the person he is today. Proud to call him one of my dearest and oldest friends!

    • Joel Boggess says:

      Hi Shari,

      Thank you for listening to the show and for your kind words. Dale is truly an inspiration.
      I hope you’ll make our show a part of your daily inspirational diet. If you didn’t know, we interview and pick the brains of todays hottest and most in-demand experts, speakers, and thought leaders.

      ReLaunch! is the best show you’ll ever hear for career-changers, difference makers, and those with a dream. You can subscribe right here.

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