416 Finding Pockets of Happiness – Donna Lee Gauntlett

By January 13, 2016Podcast, ReLaunch!
416 Finding Pockets of Happiness - Donna Lee Gauntlett

What you will hear in our discussion with Donna Lee Gauntlett:

  • Unclear about your purpose for life?
  • Restless but stuck? How to find courage to move toward your dream
  • “I was fixated on fixing myself” – a transformational journey
  • Self-help reader to self-expressive creator
  • Time to release your creativity?

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More about our featured guest

At age 52, Donna decided to write, illustrate, design, and format her first book in March and publish it and a companion coloring journal eight months later… all because of the challenges and struggles she had been through AND how she found joy in the middle of chaos. Seems like a dream come true- it was! She has been able to inspire, encourage and uplift others through her artwork and her story. In her words “I am so glad dreams have no expiration”. 


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