093 The American Dream – From an Indian heart: with Krish Dhanam

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The American Dream - From an Indian heart: with Krish Dhanam

With only nine bucks in his pocket, he left his homeland of India in search of another dream on a different continent. Taking a sales job, he absorbed the culture, closed deals, and quickly climbed the rungs. Through a wonderful series of events and divine intervention sprinkled all along the way, he ended up with a ticket that would change the course of his life – an event ticket to see the legendary Zig Ziglar speak. From that ordained encounter, the young man from across the world, worked his way up from entry-level telemarketer, to VP of Global Ops.

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Author, speaker, and ambassador for the Ziglar family of companies, Krish Dhanam, joins us on the show to share priceless nuggets about art and science of belonging, humility, competition, planning, preparation, and careers; gems learned from Zig himself. (If you didn't know, he is one of only two people trained personally by the master of motivation.) Read Krish's amazing book – The American Dream – From an Indian heart

More from Krish's library – From Abstracts to Absolutes and The Immigrant Attitude

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Ziglar’s golden words to Krishna “All I did was opening one door, but I train you so well that you ran looking for light switches. Today is not about the opportunity I gave you, it’s about you taking that opportunity”.

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  • Eva Scott says:

    Excellent broadcast.

    Main takeaways: Continue to improve. Don’t think you know it all. Build relationships with people, not their glitzy reputation. You belong with successful people. Turn on the light switches, don’t just walk through doors.

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