Joel Boggess, speaker, author, podcasterFrom the moment of his near-tragic childhood accident, involving a 30-foot tall bridge, a train, an unthinkable fall…

The accident and fall involved an oncoming train, multiple skull fractures, death-defying amounts of blood loss, and acts of sheer heroism.

The experts’ report said – “Don’t expect Joel to live a normal life.” They sure were right about that.

To recover fully, his only option was to NEVER GIVE UP.

Today, with a Master’s Degree in counseling, an MBA, and high-level experience in the worlds of presenting, counseling, and facilitating, his epic story moves audiences across professional and cultural lines, and equips attendees for game-changing action.

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1. The Power of Never Giving Up: Your #1 competitive advantage
2. Never Miss a Sale: The unconventional strategy for unbelievable results
3. Find your Voice: The three part path to empowerment, meaning, and impact
What Others Say

"Very rarely do you find wisdom, practical advice, and passion all in the same place. I regularly quote Joel because of the truth found in his words and message."

− Tom Ziglar - Proud son of Zig Ziglar

"Podcast Movement has been fortunate to feature Joel Boggess for three years in a row. Joel has participated as a panelist, workshop leader & PMx speaker. Joel always makes it easy on organizers. He always brings value that is mixed with a nice balance of entertainment and information."

− Jared Easley - Co-founder, Podcast Movement

"Few people have the discipline and focus to do the work and stay on course. Joel HAS done it and is eager to show you the way. I've had the pleasure of being in Joel's audience. He has a great spirit and is an excellent teacher and guide. Follow his lead!"

− Jim Cathcart - Hall of Fame Speaker, CPAE

"Joel is the perfect combination of real world success and practical, easy to follow, advice. His unique way of presenting not only engages with the audience but ensures each attendee walks away feeling success is possible for them. Joel is a must have for any event."

− Matthew Pollard - Founder, Small Business Festival

"As a Speaker Joel delivers very focused content for the audience he is presenting in front of. Joel also helps promote any event he is featured in which always helps get the word out."

− Chris Krimitsos - Co-founder, Podfest

"I love listening to Joel on his podcast, but seeing him live is something else. Joel brings wisdom, insight, and a genuine openness on stage. He's a great addition to any speaking lineup when you need your attendees to be wowed by the talent on stage and moved by the message."

− Ramona Rice - emcee of PMx Talks

"Joel delivers a message that is not only full of great content, but delivered in a professional manor. If you ever get the opportunity to see you in person please take advantage of it. You don't want to miss out."

− Gary Leland - Co-founder, Podcast Dallas

"Joel Boggess was energetic, passionate, informative, and most importantly helpful to the many in attendance. I can't wait to have Joel come back next year as I know he's going to add so much value to the conference again. He is fantastic on stage!"

− Justin Stenstrom - Founder, Elite Man Magazine

"Joel puts his all into every session that he leads, from the promotion before the event to the recaps after. And his cool and calm demeanor makes him someone that everyone can relate to, and feel comfortable learning from."

− Dan Franks - C-founder, Podcast Movement

"Joel will entertain, inspire and educate your audience with great stories and practical action steps. With over 25 years of experience in planning events and hiring speakers around the world, I highly recommend Joel."

− Garrett McGrath, Chairman & President, Association of Network Marketing Professionals

"Joel is an excellent speaker who knows exactly how to drive home his topic and get a crowd listening closely. He is great to work with and always willing to lend a hand to be as helpful as possible in both scheduling and at the event itself. Event organizers need to have Joel on their radar as a speaker for sure!"

− Joe Pardo - Founder, Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference

Joel Boggess, bestselling author of Finding Your Voice#1 Bestselling Author

Finding your Voice hit the top spots on Amazon – success, happiness, and self-esteem;It was featured in “Success Book Summary” by editors of Success Magazine.

Joel Boggess, award winning podcast host of "ReLaunch"

#Award-winning Podcaster

  • ReLaunch hit the top spots in iTunes;
  • “Best Overall” in debut year and “Most Inspirational” two years running;
  • 1 million-plus downloads.

Joel Boggess, media contributor, Huffington Post contributor, Contributor

Media Contributor

  • 85-plus television and radio appearances;
  • Huffington Post, Networking Times, and  contributor.