FYV 088 – The truth is in the fiction

Having spent the lion's share of her career writing and editing business-related personal development material, it was somewhat of a challenge to shift her writing style to one that would be fun, entertaining, and educational for the young reader.

And, while it took a few tries for her to get into character, she stayed faithful to her plan and recently launched the first, of what will grow into a series, of character-building books for the preteen.

Erin Casey from Texas joins us on today's show and talks about her passion for helping kids grow.

Erin also puts on exciting, destination-type writer's workshops and conferences designed for the aspiring author.

Visit Erin's site and get your copy of Zany Zia's Hats to Where.

Magazine and book titles Erin has worked on include – Success and The Compound Effect.

Download a FREE copy of the SUCCESS Summary of "Finding Your Voice" book

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