The choice – to quit or recreate himself

As he watched his father develop chronic back problems as he aged not so gracefully in his long-time factory job, he made a promise to himself that he would never take a position like the one he saw his dad grow to despise.

Nevertheless, as an acorn never falls far from its tree, as most might expect, that is exactly where he found himself.

Recalling a lesson he once learned from one of his mentors, he knew that if he didn’t want to end up as an old man, rocking away what was left of his retirement years, wondering what would, could, and should have been, he needed to act on his dreams.

And, that is exactly what he did. Loading up what little belongings he had, he piled into his old Dodge, tucked away the money he had scraped together, ($500), and went off to pursue his dream of being a singer and a songwriter in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee.

While he was able to land a job at Broadcast Music Inc (in the mail room), and was getting opportunities to play his music on local stages, alcohol began to mix itself with his dreams and aspirations, blurring his vision to both.

Caught in the middle of discontent and workplace promotion, his drinking increased in intensity, while his focus on what he truly loved, his music, faded into notes that no longer existed.

The turning point for Sutton came when the sheriff, accompanied by two beefy men carrying big black Hefty bags, showed up at his house ready to serve repossession papers.

As he reflected on the poor decisions of his past, and weighed them against the potential for a future worth having, Sutton knew that it came down to a choice. A pivotal choice only he could make; one that he saw as having only two options: He could quit himself, or he could recreate himself.

With no where to go but upward, from that day forward, Sutton Parks has been in the renovation business; renovating and expanding every area of his life.

Eager to grow but with hardly any money for seed, Sutton is an opportunist; finding opportunities where others might find roadblocks.

For instance:

Not being able to afford a coach, he discovered the wealth of information available through books and podcasts;

Wanting to attend the live events at the Sanctuary, but unable to pay in full, he offered janitorial services as partial payment for his tuition;

Unable to pay for lodging, and determined to attend an out of town speaker's conference, Speak it Forward boot camp, he slept in his car; knowing full well the information he would get, would easily pay for itself.

Hear one of his latest singles – I still got a lot to give.

Visit Sutton's site.

His about to be released book – “You can sleep in your car, but you can’t drive your house to work.”

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