RYG 039 From the Welfare System to a Business System


Expert segment: Shelley Streit

Path of Development: As a child of the welfare system, she learned how to support herself at the tender age of 14. Today, she's an accomplished author, a certified cash flow specialist, and runs three businesses. Shelley shares ideas, tips, and action steps for creating and leading your own enterprise.

Shelley's mantra – We are not a victim of circumstances.

Memorable quote: “Success breeds success.”

Get Shelley's book: Beyond the Rear View Mirror

Entrepreneurial success tips: 

  • Be resilient;
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in your more than you do;
  • Always have a mentor or coach;
  • Stop fighting. Make peace with yourself;
  • Everyone has an opinion. The only one that matters is yours.

Book that influenced her the most: The Four Agreements

Immediate action steps (If she were starting over from square one tomorrow): 1) Build relationships; 2) Get involved in social media; 3) Make herself completely different from everyone else in her field, (sameness does nothing to separate you from the herd); 4) speak.

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Brainstorm with Joel and Pei

John in AZ battled back from poor decisions, jail time, and homelessness and has recently finished his first eBook. His question – Now what do I do? Joel and Pei cover with him promotion, audience building, and message development.

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